Blender for video editing

So I have been dabbling in Linux for the past couple months and still consider myself a complete noob. However, I have just spent a fair amount of time learning to do video editing in Blender. It has really surprised me at how well it works, and how powerful it is. It is certainly powerful enough for all of my needs in video editing.

I know that when Logan switched to Linux on his main computer one of his major hold backs from going all out was that there was nothing as powerful as the Adobe suite for video editing, so what I am wondering is, would it be possible for him to use Blender? I am not expert in the area and would love to know the opinion of someone who knows a bit more, what are the constraints to blender, or could it actually be used for professional video editing? And could it be used to rid thy self of filthy Microsoft operating systems?

Great to know your opinions guys.

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Doesn't he say on one of the linux related videos that he's tried it but after so many years using other products he would have to re-learn the process again and he doesn't have the time/inclination to do this. As you point out if this is the first time you've done video editing then there is a learning curve but maybe it's easier to learn a new process from scratch than try to convert your brain from an old process.

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Blender is awesomely versatile, but if you have used products from the adobe suite for many years it really is hard to switch to. And this is coming from someone who has a strong dislike to adobe, yet uses their software to this day...