Blender & 7900 XTX Benchmark Request

When you are released from the embargo on the 7900 XTX, could you please run a Blender Benchmark at ?
I am trying to pick up a card for my son as a gift before the scalpers make it impossible to purchase and want to make sure it doesn’t perform too badly in Blender. I know you are probably super busy with gaming testing but if you have a few moments to include this in your review I would be forever grateful.

AMD is expected to have a MUCH bigger stock on release vs the recent Nvidia release.

Nvidia is sitting on nearly a years supply of last gen cards and is trying to artificially restrict availability to drive up sales of last gen.

AMD on the other hand has already sold through most of its last gen, and is even out of stock in some areas, so they have no intention of holding back release day stock.

Scalpers should not be an issue this time around, and they are already getting burned by the poor sales of Nvidia 4000 cards.

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Depending on how committed you are to buying AMD hardware, things like Substance Painter, Octane Render, and even Blender (until very recently) tend to have better and more consistent support for CUDA, OptiX, and by extension Nvidia hardware. Open source projects that may be adjacent to your son’s interests like Mitsuba Render, LuxCoreRender, and so on may also target Nvidia hardware.

Compute performance is also a very small part of the story. It’s worth noting that AMD’s OpenGL drivers are ”not the best” on Windows, so Blender viewport performance may suffer compared to similar Nvidia hardware. The “viewport” refers to the graphics you see on screen when modeling, texturing, and so on, as well as renders with the Eevee render engine. Viewport performance is important because you tend to spend more time working on a scene (models, textures, lighting, iterative improvements), compared to rendering. This is also heavily dependent on CPU, system memory, storage speed, resolution, and so on, so the GPU alone doesn’t tell you the whole story. Both vendors’ hardware performs significantly better with Blender under Linux (in my experience), but that’s not always practical.

Some benchmarks on Eevee, solid shaded, and wireframe viewport performance would be helpful for this reason.

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Thank you for your thoughtful and educational response.
One of the best replies I have personally received on any forum.

This went up a few hours ago. The results for Blender compute place the 7900 XTX around the level of an RTX 3080, and performance is also unexpectedly poor with OpenCL open source projects like LuxRender.

I’d expect the 7900XTX to perform better in time, as Blender may improve support with future releases, but this is the level of performance you get today, and future improvement is not guaranteed.

I’ve been burned buying AMD cards in the past with the expectation that the drivers and performance will get sorted out in the future, so that’s not a risk I would personally be willing to take. $1000 is a lot to spend to match the performance of a 3080, if Blender is your main use case.