Blade Runner PC Game?!

How come i never heard of this?! i hope it comes to GOG or something. 

I LOVED playing Dune 200 and the early Command and Conquer games. i can't beleieve i never even heard of Westwood making a Blade Runner game. 

it definitely looks fun. if you have played it, let me know. i found it on ebay for around $15  shipped, and say excellent/working condition. 1 seller even claims they are selling a NEW sealed copy of the game ($35 total with shipping) with 100% possitive feedback.

does anyone even know if this game would work on a modern system with Windows 7?

how did I never know about this? I need this game.

That looks like something that Pistol needs to play on her stream.

I never played it, but I do remember a trailer for it that came with one of my games back in the 90's.  Since it's Westwood, one of the C&C games (Red Alert or one of it's expansions) would be a good bet.  Looked cool, but I always just assumed you played out the events in the movie, which sounded kind of boring to me.  I'm sure that's not the case though.

that would be very interesting. i wonder if she is a fan of the movie at all. 

it runs parallel with the movie, but it doesn't seem to share any of the plot points, other than a few character scenes and a couple references to deckard. upon skimming the plot on the wiki....

"There are thirteen endings, influenced by the player's actions throughout the game.[13] These endings are variations on three major themes; the player can believe McCoy is human, and hunt down the replicants; be persuaded that he's a replicant himself, and side with them against the other Blade Runners; or stay neutral, and flee the city, either alone or with some of the other characters."

very interesting....