Blackmagic's Firmware Updater can overwhelm X11 if left unchecked! (18.04)

So… for some reason when I launch KDE, there are 50+ DesktopVideoUpdater processes running at the same time. I thought this wouldn’t cause problems, but it actually can overwhelm X11 to the point where it’s spitting “Maximum number of clients reached” non-stop.

I don’t know how to fix the root of the problem, so I just made a startup command with a 10 second delay killall DesktopVideoUpdater BlackmagicFirmwareUpdaterGui

The problem is especially bad on KDE but not so on Cinnamon. This is also only a problem on Ubuntu 18.04 as I don’t need to do anything on Fedora 28.

I also did Option "MaxClients" "512" in xorg.conf as a precaution.

So, any Blackmagic card owners on KDE and 18.04 having this problem?


Here’s the symptoms:

When you try to launch a Vulkan program, if specific OpenGL programs are already open, the Vulkan program instantly crashes on launch.

If you try to run a OpenGL program while a Vulkan program is running, some will successfully launch, but others instantly crash as well, like Kate.

To be more specific: Hat in Time + D9VK will always crash on launch with OBS open. If you launch Hat in Time, then open OBS, OBS will launch… but launching the log viewer, Kate, will instantly crash.

It gets weirder, because sometimes the Window Capture (Xcomposite) will be fully blank upon OBS launch, like the module fully crashed.

This only just recently started happening.

Can anyone reproduce this?

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Upgrading to the HWE Xserver version did nothing to fix this issue. Same problems.

Found something peculiar. I am using the Kubuntu Backports PPA and KWin recently updated. But it looked like TWO kwin_x11 processes were running at the same time with one “stopped.”

With a hunch it might have been KDE, I switched back to Cinnamon to find the symptoms completely gone! Curious…

It broke even further on it’s own on KDE. Now NO Vulkan games will launch. X server logs show “BadWindow” over and over again.

Edit: Ah. It was the Blackmagic Updater going rogue.