Blacklight Retribution

I'm a little late to the party, I know. But I think this game is so fun. 

My question is, if there are people in this forum still playing it or if it dying out.

sorry for weird English. :)


If you have time I would be very glad if you watched this video, it's not a crazy kd match I just wanted to make a video.

I'm still playing, great game. Kinda stopped when BO2 was released

I only started playing recently and its pretty damn fun.


I used to play it until I've reached level 11 and was transfered to servers with players who bought stuff. After that I got absolutely murdered on every corner. It might be me who sucks at this game or it may be a p2w problem.

well its kinda p2w but i figured just aim for the head it dont matter what gear they got =P

yep thats pretty much the way to do it :)

I play it once in a while, but it gets boring with the same gear, I don't play it often enough enough to take full advantage of rented gear. Also, it feels like a pay to win title. I haven't noticed any voice chat, which is probably my biggest turn off, but I still play from time to time.

I played it pretty regularly there for a while. I'll admit, coming out of the lvl 10 bracket, the game feels a lot different. I could understand the assumption of p2w but I never got that feeling. Yes, your weapons and gear matter a fair bit, but they more or less just reinforce your play style. Some things in the game could be considered overpowered but they all have their own extreme weakness. It really wouldn't matter how much money someone dropped on the game, if they can't use the stuff right its worthless compared to someone that can. Even then, most everything someone would need to be competitive is accessible without much trouble.

I haven't played in a few months though so it might have changed considerably since then. Not really sure why I stopped playing either... guess I just moved on to other things.

I've never heard of this game, but it looks like every other shooter out there.

It's part of the appeal. It looks like every other shooter out there, minus the $60 price tag + the 5 DLC's that come out afterwards. At least that's why I started playing...

I played it around 4 years ago when you had to pay for it, at the time it was new, and i found it ok, but found myself moving on to different games, and almost completely forgot about it.

hey op you think you could do a vid with the lilith hard suit tactical optimization, i always woundered how that add affect using the hardsuit

I very much love Blacklight: Retribution and prefer it over Team Fortress 2. Class systems are not my thing, apparently. This game may seem like a pay-to-win, but it is not if you understand situations and use your equipment effectively. The only gripes I have are the CTF spawns and that a couple of maps are just terrible (Helodeck especially). I still play often so look for Metroid if you wish to play sometime.

I used to play it, but then I got past level 10, and after that the game becomes a P2W kind of game. With players at levels 40 in the same game as level 11 or 12 players. It just feels very unbalanced. Even in, say Battlefield, where you also get mixed levels, like a level 100 player in the same game as a level 5 player; you can still be competative in those games. In Blacklight it just doesn't feel that way.