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BlackHat 2016 and DEFCON 23 Vids


Since there have been a bunch of vids released lately I wanted to know if anyone has seen anything good or watchworthy. I've found the following vids:

The Perl Jam 2: The Camel Strikes Back

Saving the Internet for the Future

Secure Random by Default

Bruce Schneier Q&A

(Of course I know that propably every video is deemed interesting by someone, but I'd still like to try to get a list of the best)

Edit (01.05.2016):

This video is good if your interested in personal/communication security in general and if you are just starting to inform yourself. (It has nothing tech savy people shouldn't have heard about).
Secure Messaging for Normal People

Edit (03.05.2016):

Eijah talks about cryptography and presents demonsaw (again)
Crypto for Hackers

What I liked about this one is to see just how vulnerable many medical systems are and since I did an internship in a hospital's IT department it was all the more interesting.
Medical Devices: Pwnage and Honeypots

Edit (06.05.2016):

Talk focused on science and biology.
Hacking the Human Body and Brain

In this talk they describe just how easy it was for them to hack a car.
Remote Exploitation Of An Unaltered Passenger Vehicle



I want to see an updated No Tech or Low Tech Hacking video that I saw years ago like 2008 I think it was.



Do you have a link? Just out of curiosity.

One very good and rather low tech (?) video is Samy's How I Met Your Girlfriend.

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