Black screen when VM starts (Single GPU Passthrough)

My VM are showing black screen. The log are mostly empty (only started QEMU and command line), previously there was a BAR allocation problem but I fixed it.

My GPU is Asus Geforce GTX 1050 Ti Strix Gaming, I dumped vBIOS from it and also downloaded latest from TechPowerUp. I patched where it needed a patch, and checked using rom-parser, dumped vBIOS didn’t pass: Error, ran off the end, thats why I currently use TechPowerUp vBIOS.

On sleep line of my ( - script (it’s got really messy when I working on fixing BAR) I see a lines from my host system boot up (like disk write errors or smth) and after that black screen.

SSHing to host, I see VM running, and I think it does something, because my keyboard flickers like when system booting.

My XML: win10x.xml -

Hi there,

Not an expert but I’d give a reboot to the VR machine (in Safe Mode).

I have no idea how to do this when i can’t see anything. But anyway, thanks for a suggestion!