Black screen/suggestions please

My build: a10-5800k trinity paired with a 6670, 550w psu bronze, 8gb g skill 1600ddr3, mobo biostar a85w fm2,
          While I was playing sleeping dogs (for about 3 mins) my monitor went black without warning. I didn't hear any sound at all. My mobo has a digital display and it was frozen at 56C. I have a reset button and when i pressed it the digital display reset its self then went back to 56C. My screen stayed black. (first time a game has crashed, 30hrs on sleeping dogs) im not sure if this matters but I changed it from 1080p to 720p to try it out. Also about an hour before this happened, I did some cable management.
       What I did was force shutdown my pc and remove the 6670, then hooked to mobo. At first it worked but the screen had green huge pixel patches. Went black again. I left my computer alone for about 10mins, placed the 6670 in. Computer booted and was doing a system repair/restore. After about 15 mins it says (cannot repair automatically, if you recently plugged in a new device like a camera or usb remove it and restart your computer). 
      Computer is booted up and seems to be working properly but i am still weary.. anyone know what could of happend? Also i have a few cables that make it hard for me to close the right side door since I routed them. Dose it matter if the psu cables have pressure on them?
Also noticed my power button doesn't lite up anymore... seems to have shorted out.
**update** while typing this out on my desktop I blacked screened again. 

I'm going to say it may be a motherboard issue but i can't be certain and no if the PSU cables have unwanted pressure on them then they do not harm the computer.