Black screen on boot after updates

Alright I'm lost. Gnome Ubuntu 14.04.2. Update manager asked to install updates and upon reboot all I get is a black screen. Did some googling and tried "startx" and I get ./Xauthority does not exist. Please help.

Do you have a laptop or a desk top what parts are in it if a desktop make sure and I know don't hate me for this that the display cable dvi, hdmi what have you is seated properly some times its the easiest thing and some times they come loose. As far as the startx command I have used that but usually I have to enter my user name and password before hitting startx in terminal.

It's a desktop and I've checked the connections. I even tried the DVI cable in another slot. I'm using Windows right now with the same configuration. I was able to use ctrl+alt+f1 to try the startx command. It just won't load gnome. Before the reboot, the updates looked to just be signatures and nothing that looked to deal with gnome.

Can you even get to a login screen or is it just black on boot up and also what graphics card do you have

I can use the command line using ctrl+alt+f1 but I can't log into the gui. I have a gtx 780.

By any chance do you know what nvidia driver you are using if not you can type in this comand "lsmod | grep nvidia" without quotes to see and did you use the additional drivers to install the driver for the card?

346.47 and I installed the ones from the nvidia site.

Thats the same driver I have for my 670 ftw I just updated my Ubuntu 14.04 lts htpc apart form it saying that its not supported I had to download a third party ppa to make it work so it isn't I didn't have a problem with any black screen. I was hoping it was the 331 driver because that has had issues with black screens in the past.

Have you tried loading Ubuntu from you motherboards integrated graphics chip if it loads on the integrated graphics then its probably a driver issue that may have been in the update

Did you try deleting the current user, or adding a new user?

No I haven't messed with adding or deleting users. Right now I'm messing with deleting the nvidia drivers.

Well it was the damn nvidia drivers. Just reinstalled the drivers and viola. I just can't even right now. Thank you @shadowvengence22

I found this don't know if you tried it yet but it could help

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good to hear happy it work and don"t worry drivers are probably one of the trickiest things to work with in Linux

On modern distro's I find that startx doesn't usually help. In the future you should try using sudo service gdm start or sudo service mdm start (for Linux Mint).

Sometimes I have the whole display manager fuck out (not even CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE works) so I CTRL+ALT+F1 and run sudo service gdm restart and that fixes it right up.

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Xauth has nothing to do with video drivers.

Why would I have gotten that error? What does it do?