Black screen after building my pc help plz

Ok it is my first time building a pc i dont know too much about it. i was following the new egg guide on how to build a computer i would use teksydicate`s but i feel that new eggs is a little more clear..

ok so i put in the cpu, cpu fan, the ram, and the graphics card. then i put in psu and  powerd the cpu(the slot next to it ) the mother board and the graphics card. i am pretty sure i plugged everything in correctly so then i figured its time to test it out to see if it works so i plugged in the moniter and turned on the computer all the fans started going but nothing showed up on the screen... the bois dident come up at all.

i think it might be a faulty part but which one? is it my mother board i looked it up and it said to plug in my speakers and listen for a beep to see what the problem is.. but i use a headset so i connected the headset to the the computer and restarted it and listend for a beep but i dident hear anything.... i saw in te new egg video he connected something inside of the computer to listen for a beep but i dont exactly have one of those :/ so i connected it to the green jack on the outside. any help any sugestions?

and if your wondering what parts i have im going by his newer 550$ build if there is a lot of spelling errors and stuff like that i apologiez i typed this quickly and dident look over it

btw if you have any questions for me to help find out wich part is faulty or y it is doing this then feel free to ask :D