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Black netrual and green ek build


Thought those were soft tubes from cpu to gpu. Great fluid bend work (:slight_smile:)-b



well this case is 2 small so im complelty trashing the case my friends gonna buy it andim gonns pick up a lian li O11 case...


and im gonna swotch the petg to acrylic.


just waiting on getting the extream mobo


Might be a good choice. JayzTwoCents says he has tons of cooling issues with it in full loop.

Link to video, not embedded.


i changed it to the lian li pc 011 but i do how ever thing jays a moron and theirs mods u can do to the top of the case for exaust. just MY 2 cents lol




few tubes i wanna fix just no more acrylic left… oh well better luck next month ill orser 4 more tubes nd fix them up


her finnished pretty much just gotta do some tyding up but thats her


The hardpipe I can appreciate, but why the RGB lighting? wouldn’t it make sense to pick green or a contrasting color that accentuates the water loop?


once i figured out asus aura its sll gonna be green with a teal light


managed to get a stable oc at 1.42 v ar 4ghz 1733 multi ckre 162 single threadded 3200ram speed

user mark






AMD says you shouldn’t go past 1.35 v. Just be careful with that, you can damage your cpu with that voltage.

EDIT: I’m an idiot and should verify my information.


and ive read where its good to 1.45… my 1700x came at stock 1.41v… so id love to know were u get ur facts from


I was reading it on a thread on /r/amd. Must have been a typo, most of the other info I’ve found (just now) is saying up to 1.45v is safe for daily.


i just tried 1.45v and underfull load at 4ghz… it hit 86 degree spikes… nty… now im slowly backing off my voltage to see the lostest i can go. so it was 1.432 now i have it stressing at 1.425