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Black netrual and green ek build


hi this is where ill be updating my build of whst ive done... first lets stsrt off by showing the gpu install

first gpu done


all the items for build


case i chose

case i chose


Pretty cool. Spelling is not exactly on fleek though; consider revising it.

Also, gentle reminder that you can edit and add more content to the OP.


Looking forward to your build.


im on my phone i just wanted it up for now will fix when im on my pc


waiting for my m.2 nic for my motherboard then i can install it.. still need to do a test boot for compatablity.. but should be fine.. i hope nothings doa


just cleanned up the radiators hopefully the rest will be here tonight so i can start the build


after a few hours of messing around i finally got it


now i just need to drill a little at the front rad to show the hole


both graphics cards in


ended like this today

still got to get a u with a flat spot in it... having alot of difficulty may need to build something


As a fan of minimalist/modern design I love the case choice. I really like Fractal Design for this reason. However, you may have tempted me to switch cases for my next build.


yes thats what im going for... all black where u can just see the tube work... and the rgb on selected parts.. rest is blacked out


Not a fan of RGB, but this aint about me. More power to ya!


just the ram board and lights will be rgb very minimal and when the temperglass side pannel will be on itll all tie in together


few more bends gotta order more petg... kinda suck at this


Thought those were soft tubes from cpu to gpu. Great fluid bend work (:slight_smile:)-b


well took 4 horus for those bends... lol


Worth it! Looks great!