Black Metal -- The New Scene?

I don't know. I was looking at Last Disaster Today... I came across a black and pink cover and the band was called "She Said Destroy"... The thing that caught my eye was that the genre said "Melodic Death Metal / Black Metal / Thrash Metal"....

Anyway... I checked out the bands myspace and got quite a kick... I don't quite get why they used the scene type name/style, but still... Look at this and you'll see what I mean.


metal was already made "scene" with hair metal, and when that died then came along nu-metal. sure thanks to dethklok there are alot of black metal posers, but i dont think black metal will ever become all that popular to the point when it is a mainline scene.

also the fact that metal is dead.

metal isnt dead.

its just never been mainstream

but ya i dont consider that 80s crap metal.

some bands are trying to keep metal alive but compared to the metal scene in the early 90s and all throughout the 80s it is basically shit. the most popular metal albums today are by bands that formed during that time. there are a few modern bands that "get it", like slough feg, who have the old school style down perfectly, which is why i give them so much respect. so maybe metal isnt dead, but its on life support and the IV drip is running out and all the nurses are too busy having an orgy to notice.

Metal isn't dead, and never will be. The fact is metal has changed, and it will probably never be the same, but it's still alive. I like all kinds, old and new, don't matter if it's mainstream or not. That's why I like posting about new bands I discover here on rtw.

Oh yeah, and on the topic... If I EVER see a single scene kid wearing a Mayhem or Dissection shirt, I WILL KILL ANYONE THAT HAS MORE THAN ONE HAIR COLOR (AND THE ONES THAT HAVE BLACK HAIR).

"Metal isn't dead, and never will be."

perhaps not to us true metalheads, but the metal scene now is a mockery of what it used to be. its infested with cancers like hot topic, nu-metal, power metal, goth shit, and just a bunch of insecure dorky people wearing the metal image to try and look cool. since when did metal become cool? when things become cool they tend to suck.

Difference in point -- Opinion.

The only things I have to reply are.

But; The thing you have to realize, their all based on the concept of -- You guessed it, METAL!

Rather than mocking it since it's different and may not be your style, why not still atleast support it as an expansion of the greatness of metal for all kind?

Also I forgot to mention; I know people that go to hot topic and like these fake bands and things, but they still know the greatness of true metal.

Also, I would prefer a world full of metal clones to a world full of Fall Out Boys. The only thing it takes is listen to it; if you like it, you like it, if you don't you don't. Everyone sees things differently, and even though I hate to admit it, Slipknot and some of these other bands that people say aren't metal, are metal. BUT people don't seem to realize they have more of a hard rock approach as opposed to the minimal metal parts, instead saying it's metal. But in any case, I liked alipknot when I was like... 10, and it opened my eyes to alot of new better metal bands as well. It was only until then I seen how shitty slipknot actually was. So another point - Gay things can lead to good things.

yes, all those bands ARE dead.

lets use iced earth as an example. they released night of the stormrider in 1992, which still to this day is an epic thrash album. they put out burnt offerings soon after that, which wasnt as good, but still was great, it was even known as "hell, the album". after that they crashed and burned, every release worse than the last, (well horror show wasnt THAT bad, and the gettysburg album was OK, but shouldve been released as a solo project) now we have the most recent two 'something wicked' albums which are absolute garbage. we have matt barlow who left the band and became a freaking cop of all things. how can you get an occupation serving the pillar of law and order and then at the same time want to sing in metal, which represents rebellion and disorder? and of course the frontman jon-douchebag-schaffer who releases a Spawn concept album to coincide with the movie to make some bucks, releases a civil war album which is nearly word for word from the movie Gettysburg, and now makes two concept albums which are more or less a rip off of Stargate. he also saw fit to let ripper ownes know he was fired by stating it through the main page on his website. fuck him and fuck his half assed thrash band. they couldve been good, what wasted potential.

metallica is another example. they sold out and sold out hard. the black album and everything after that was a joke. not only are they guilty of that, but then they go and SUE THEIR FANS. UNFORGIVABLE. plenty of bands let ppl download their music and dont give a shit, a real artist just wants people to appreciate what they do. besides, its not like they were having trouble feeding their families, theyre metallica for crying out loud.

but to sum up how i feel: just cause something is labeled "metal" doesnt mean its good. its only when fans critique the hell out of something and hold it to high standards that it causes the artists to really do their best. if a game company releases a game full of bugs and lame plot lines should gamers just accept it as the expansion of greatness of gaming for all kind?

but hey, if you honestly like that kind of music then by all means youve got a right to enjoy it. im not trying to act like an elitist or tell you what to listen to. i just get annoyed when great bands with the true metal spirit like Brocas Helm dont even get signed to a label, and at the same time other bands can get away with putting out generic half assed records.

I was thinking of posting this vey same Annihiltor song here a few seconds ago, but then I realize you already did it. The lyrics fits perfectly to the site's name!

metal isn't dead. metal shows sellout a lot here or if not, come close to selling out

I don't know about you guys, but I am sick of all these kids that say 'metal is nothing without hardcore' bullshit.

hardcore... what weaksauce! that's just a bunch of kids vomiting into a mic cause they are pissed that their dad left them.

black metal...!!!

I lol'd

Hey hey Logan I'm hardcore... So is Derek. There is good hardcore, lol.

I agree... there is good hardcore... I have some... but the mainstream stuff... and especially the scremo stuff bothers me.

Naaah man, there is good screaming hardcore, just most of the mainstream stuff is terrible. Here's another good one.

If you mean hardcore like this though...

Stuffs terrible. I don't consider it Hardcore at all, I have no idea what to call it but terrible lol.

Although, for their new record, they turned over a new leaf. They got better, but still terrible.