Black Mesa: Source Gameplay!


This game is looking great. I really hope they release this soon....that's all I can say on this topic. Great looking gameplay. The sound and animations are really good.

Waiting since 2008. It's one of those things that you wait a ethernity for them to come out *cough* valve games with 3 in the name *cough*

About time, been waiting patiently.

I just hope they can release it soon. 

"ValveTime Exclusive - Bl..."
This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Daniel Junek.

Ah damn. I'll check some other sites. 

I can't find another source anywhere. I guess it wasn't out long enough for people to make copies. Sorry Cyber...I'll keep trying though.

God damn it.

Quick quick!!

or here

This looks amazing. I downloaded the video btw, lol.


That is all.

don't hold your breath - i've been following this game since high school i think (maybe early college? definitely a minimum of 5 years ago lol).  it looks awesome, but like any mod these guys work on it on their free time.  i hope it comes out, i'd love to play it.

This mod really does look great, and I love what they did with the UI. My only problem with this is the Music, and the voice acting. I cringed throughout the soldiers conversation. It was quite unrealistic, and over-dramatic. If the mod ever comes out, I will probably mod the mod to make the voices etc. the same as the original.