Black Magic Intensity Pro 4K capture card

Hello everyone,

Has anyone used the Black Magic Intensity Pro 4K capture card with Linux and if so what kind of problems did you run into?

Also what other capture cards are you using under Linux? I only need to capture in 1080p from HDMI. I will be pulling from my Cannon Vixia HF G10 cam corder. If there is something reliable and easy-breezy that works with Linux then I might consider that over the Black Magic solution.

Thanks for your input.


I think that this is the same card that @wendell was or is working with, something about using it in a m.2 slot, if it is, then maybe he could give you some of his experience with it.

Mage well on Linux is good but idk about the 4k parts. The black magic works but can be temperamental

Thank you @Ansem_of_Nexus and @wendell

I appreciate your help.


I once used a black magic HDMI capture card about 4 years ago.

It was very unreliable. No idea if they've improved.