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Black Friday Sales // Cyber Monday (2018)


The TR 1950X is going for $449.99 on Newegg through Saturday:

25% off its most recent price of $599, and half the price of the 2950X!

This is presumably a fire sale of the last of their first-gen stock, so if you were waiting for a deal on a new 1950X this might be one of the last ones.

Edit: looks like the deal might be over already. The page is now displaying third-party marketplace sellers (at ~$599) instead of Newegg.



I don’t need this.


Stop trying to convince me that I need this.

I don’t.


Okay, I see your point, it is a good deal.

I guess I’ll have to pick one up.


I want one so bad but it’s still out of my price range. Maybe next year.


if I was in the states id pick up that Vega 64 in a heartbeat, Canadian price has it at $604 here so RIP my dream to own a Vega card.


Did you buy one?


Not yet.



Fuck, it’s out of stock from Newegg.


Cuz that deal was gonna last, come on $450 for 16/32 thread cpu


Yeah, well, I looked into it and it was gonna be a $1500 build, even at that price, so it’s hard to justify.

I was gonna sleep on it.

Amazon will come back with a sale in a couple days, and I’ll probably pick it up then.


Doubt to be honest, that stock has to be drying up extra hard now


hmmmm good point.


World news tonight with David Muir was talking about this website called camelcamelcamel that scans amazon for deals.


Great… so if it does go on sale, it’s not gonna last.


Were you not aware of this site?


I can’t remember if David Muir had it on his show last year or not. So I think this is the first time I heard of it.


CCC allows emails/tweets on target prices as well, good if there is something you want but can live without.


Love Camelizer, and what I used to see how much of a deal the $399 vega64 is.


Its taking SO MUCH willpower right now to NOT just get it. Freesync on my big 4K monitor, and for high FPS switch over to my 1080p 144Hz monitor. Also want to play around with brute force scripts.

Its still in stock and has a 20 per customer limit, so I get the feeling they are playing on the FOMO strings and they are sitting on piles of them, and maybe even lower prices could come…