Black Friday GPU Deals?

Does anyone know what websites or stores typically put GPU's up for sale on Black Friday or around Christmas? I'm looking for a good deal on either two 660's or a 670, but I'm thinking I should wait until Black Friday and Newegg, Microcenter, Tiger Direct, or someone else will have them on sale. Thoughts?

I heard there might be decent sales on 2nd hand GPU's due to the change in how bitcoins work, anyone have more info on that? You might be able to grab a used card for a good price.

O/T; when's Black Friday? I just want to know, even though I live in NZ :P

I'd also like to know.

Norwegians are pros at importing/steaking non-norwegian traditions and holidays. So it will be a black friday here as well.

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving. Also, Cyber Monday is the next Monday after that.

And to add to that, for future reference, Thanksgiving is always the second to last Thursday of November


I think it's the 4th Thursday of November not the second to last Thursday.