Black Friday Building a 750 Dollar Gaming PC

Hey there Tek Syndicate forum,

I'm trying to build a PC for my dad as an early Christmas/birthday gift for him before I leave for university. He was quite frankly ripped off when a friend built him his current PC. It's lasted for about 8 years though, but it really needs to go.

The combined budget between my dad and myself is 800 USD dollars. We're trying to keep it under 750 dollars if possible. We already have the case, mouse, keyboard, and monitor.

I've been following Logan's video here as a reference guide. I've made some tweaks in the PC Part Picker list to match up with my Dad's favorite color, blue. I've also decided on the EVGA GTX 760 with the ACX cooler. The R9 280x is too expensive and it's companion the 7970 isn't much better. However if we can get a deal on Black Friday that would be fantastic.

Now, my dad, by no means is a PC gamer. He really wants to use this computer for work, Skype, and internet browsing. The reason I want to build a gaming machine is because my sister loves Minecraft. I want her to be able to max out Minecraft, among whatever other games she finds on Steam at 1080p resolution.

I don't want to overclock the system, since the processor is fast enough.

I also don't plan to use water cooling for this system. 

Now the big question is, should I wait for Black Friday or Cyber Monday, to purchase parts? My personal favorite retailer is Amazon.

Here is the PC Part Picker list: 

Any help would be great and it is much appreciated.

Looks just fine to me.  RAM is kind of expensive though for some reason.

As long as the RAM has a CAS latency of <10 and 1600mhz and upwards, you should be good.

Some HD 7950s are really cheap right now.  They perform about the same as GTX 760s at stock clock, and have quite a bit of overclocking headroom as well.

Yeah, I thought the ram was a little pricey as well. Other than that I will check out the HD 7950s. See if I can find something there. Other than that, any thoughts on waiting till black friday/cyber monday to purchase parts?

On Amazon, I'm seeing upwards of 300+ for an HD 7950. Do you have a link to something cheaper. It doesn't look like they are on sale.