Black Friday $600 build!

A buddy of mien has decided to join the pc master race and i am helping him on a build. I just wanted to make sure i was not going to screw something up. My main concerns are the motherboard and CPU. Much help is appreciated thanks!

Build i have right now!


The system is to be use for gaming as an entry level system so he wants to be able to run as many games on ultra as he can at this price point. He also would like to get it all from newegg to simplify things but he would be willing to shop around if it is a huge price saver.

I have never built an AMD rig so i have no idea about the CPU. He wants to eventually overclock it. Is that even possible with this CPU? Also i'm not sure if this motherboard can accommodate both graphics cards. 

As i said earlier all help is appreciated thanks!

Go with the FX 6300 instead, and change the mother board to the Asus M5A07 r2 not the LE edition the regular one will allow for a better over clock, for cooling the usual is the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo. Other than that maybe beef up the power supply if possible so your not running it so close to its max output just for safety reasons. Hopes this helps !


Yes it does! just curious why the fx 6300 instead of the fx 6100? also could you link me the mother board. i could not find it...

6300 has newer architecture and is better overall.

The motherboard mentioned is much, much better than the one you picked, but it's also a bit more expensive.

I'm sure XFire'd HD 7850s will be good.