Black and white build recommendations

For my next pc I decided to do a black and white, M-ATX pc, as it stands my list is:

Obsidian 350D

Asus Gryphon (vinyll dyed partially white)


i5-4670k (broadwell/haswell refresh may be out by the time I do this though)
gtx 780 (possibly vinyll dyed)

Vengeance LP white 2x 2x4Gb sets (cheaper than 2x8gb, and ill never use 32Gb anyway)

White sleeved cables (may sleeve myself if I have time)

NZXT Hale 650W

currently looking for a white ssd available in uk .

I was wondering, what do you guys think of this, and also if you have any recommendations for parts other than those specified.

You can easily remove the shell of any SSD and spraypaint it white. I would prime it first though, especially on anodized housings.

I really would rather not void the warranty on an ssd. I may think about it though

Think the parts listed are really well thought out and balanced. I know that you want to stream, and I am unsure if the i7 is better than the i5. I know there was a whole discussion about that. I'm going to say that the i5 is probably the best choice. Once that is answered, I think you're good to go.

Not too sure about a white SSD. I'd choose a black one, it still fits the colour scheme.

if I can find a white ssd thats damn fast, ill get one, if not, no biggie, ill get a black one. also i7's are in general 20% faster if I have my statistics correct, I could probably eke out 20% higher performance from the i5 by overclocking with the h100i.
I'd rather not have to spend another £80 on an i7 and have to drop the liquid cooler or lower some of the other parts of my build.