Bizarre drive volume mystery

I go to do a manual defrag because reasons and I see this mysterious, to me, drive volume. Can anyone tell me wtf this is?
I have not set up any partitions intentionally and this is Win 10.

Does diskpart tell you anything more specific?

It seems like you're seeing the Drive GUID instead of the NTFS Volume name.

Open CMD and run 'mountvol'. Do you see the volume there as well? Windows may have assigned the drive that name (which is the "Real" name of the drive) because of a letter conflict or storage issue.

What happens if you use Diskpart to assign it a new letter?

Defragging and SSD does more damage then good. And do you have 2 ssd and 1 hdd in the system? If you have 1 SSD and 1 HDD that unknow partition is the system partition, and you don't whant to defag that....

Otherwise do you have an dock connected?

Otherwise check diskpart and see if you have some other partitions that are not mounted or RAW.

And do you have Linux or OS X of some sort instlled?

It shows up when I run mountvol.

I'm an end user and don't know the ins and outs of using the CMD shell.

I d/c'd my phone and the volume is still there in the defrag menu.

No other OS installed at this time.

I have a M.2 ssd, sata ssd and a HDD. No other drives installed.

I tried to assign e: but I must be doing it wrong.



Do you see your volume with the odd name? When you find it:
assign letter=R

Let me know if that does anything.

That's the system volume from what I recall. EDIT: System reserve volume.

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Sounds about right.

I thought "optimize" in windows 10 runs trim or something like that. Didn't they remove defragging for ssd's in w10?

As far as Microsoft states, they do defrag your SSD, but intellegenty. And also peform an RETRIM operation at some time to prevent the TRIM queue getting ful. But TRIM is enqbled by default, and ou can enable defrag on your ssd if you believe in The Microsoft Storage Engneer listed in this article.

But as I see so far, this topic screems for further investigation...

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It seems that window doesn't do anything harmful. I'll just leave it on.

Sems faire, but still. Im not fully shure.

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