Bitwig Studio for Linux

For those of you who are not aware, Bitwig Studio has a Linux client. Here is a video of it in action. Notice that It does NOT suck ^_^



Do you have to pay for that?

yes. There is a demo though. It is a professional studio that even Deadmau5 has used.

Does it support VSTs?

Yep. Currently have xfer Serum running in it. Have not tried my other vsts though.

Hmm... Looking more for support for Komplete or 8dio VSTi. Unless anyone can recommend some linux friendly equally high quality virtual instruments/plugins. I mostly care about good quality brass, strings, and grand piano. I use electric piano sounds a lot, but their tend to be decent ones most places, though again Native Instruments does make some of the best.

Oh sorry. If I had those two I would test them out for you. You could hop on Bitwigs unofficial forum and see if there are any recommendations for compatible plugins.

Will do. Thanks for your help

I remember seeing bitwig on a system 76 computer a while back still pretty cool more and more applications are getting cross compatibility with all OS's.

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