BitGem Ultra Rare Pow/Pos Scrypt Based Crypto

I am not the developer of this coin. The original launch thread is located here.

Let me introduce you to bitgem. Block reward is surrently .425 Bitgems. It is a rare secure long term energy efficient cryptocurrency. Based on ppcoin and novacoin base code with ultr rare properties. Mined blocks take 4-14 days to mature and block reward varys based on network hashrate and other variables. Thes coins can currently be solo mined with ease. Mining 3+ blocks per day with 500Kh is not uncommon. The current pool is listed below. Should their be a Tek Syndicate mining pool before the price explodes? I think so! I have attached a solo mining guide below as well as links to instructions for the pool. Any questions feel free to ask or visit or often for further updates!

Why BTG BitGem?

It's a cryptocurrency not extant until now.  PoW scrypt and PoS like NovaCoin, but adapted to gem's character, providing semi-scarce, precious and highly valuable currency properties. Mining a block you could to get up to 3 BTGs, standing the most representative gems: diamond, ruby and emerald ... who would not want it?


  • PoW scrypt.
  • PoS.
  • retargeting each 10 min.
  • difficulty adjustment each block,
  • semi-scarce: reward 3 BTG BitGems per block,
  • smoother reward adjustment, providing 3 BTGs as long as possible.
  • latest upstream updates from litecoin, ppcoin, novacoin included.
  • built with latest lib dependencies, entirely with linux tool-chain.
  • installer provided.
  • no premining, no dust, no crapping, just providing a critpocoin not extent until now.


Win32 installer: version_0.4.1_UPDATE 2   bitgem-0.4.1-UPDATE2-win32-setup.exe  [dropbox] 
Source: (up to date). * UPDATED 24.05.13






 * added checkpoints,
 * Fix reward: prevents arbitrary miners get invalid reward.



 * added checkpoints,
 * change to a smoother difficulty function,
 * decrease paytxfeem.

0.4.1 Initial Release

Code:       ( 0, hashGenesisBlockOfficial ) ( 1, uint256("0x0000020e527af00640325e4d34f076c70174d033ea261431ed0e66c554e7cce8")) ( 2, uint256("0x000000c523cd32e90572f83b26bcb69e8e5892b404a49d332f53074b3fd532a0")) ( 3, uint256("0x00000af19b194d770b47fd91ae96de2a42bf5859e77f9bc2574387383b796777")) ( 4, uint256("0x00000db59dfdc0fc3b34d0ee3e42baf81c9e15dceb8e3cf36edbf0dc67e4fcc6")) ( 5, uint256("0x0000049e2b1e46d0bc5d9c2b7d0ad9d12da794aec2b0e02ab6464e159a92fe2a")) ( 1000, uint256("0x0000003d348b94c1de611ca4ebf70672b244b696d64bb1d92418b3202ee00769")) ( 2000, uint256("0x0000003d46fac53b4aab6280d4a4417805adb7592d2641436aab66a2da4ed8b0")) ( 3000, uint256("0x00000007686b17506d48065462eeb947c1f4ed7c37d5343360338a486ba03f82")) ( 4314, uint256("0x000000002c68b26d7fe834d2f9610e07679f9943bd1ae3ccdc699968533113b0")) ( 4689, uint256("0x000000002401fb8904ffdd9cc615fe03b78c46f3418eff9311e82a32cef4aee4")) ( 5000, uint256("0x000000005c73470d3cc0686af34d5adbb8f97d377e28f1b6a5af9157089434c5")) ( 5131, uint256("0x000000002a85d21221c3ce026ba3a7139b641d42cdb73bc956a380bc4ffbc213")) ( 5172, uint256("0x00000000843a2a78dcebaabcd9f3f55608b2f5f9cc9df4a99731f89e252ab2bd"))


Credits: bitcoin, litecoin, ppcoin, novacoin.



[Sourced from]


To solo mine Bitgems on windows you will need to setup just a few things. You will need the bitgem wallet linked above. Download and install the client. Run it one time and close it out. Go to the start menu search run. Click run and type %appdata% and click enter. navigate to the bitgem folder.  If you have not configured windows 7/8 to not hide known file type extensions you will need to do so under Control panel-Folder options- Uncheck Hide extentions for known file types. Create a new text document. Name it Bitgem.conf. Not Bitgem.conf.txt and accept the warning. You will need to paste this info in the .conf file




rpcuser=<Your Choice>

rpcpassword=<Your Choice>



rpcport=9682 or <Your Choice>




Then Change username/password and rpc port to whatever you would like. Most ports will work I just use 9682

Save the file and exit. Restart the Biitgem client and allow it to sync. It may take a while to get connections. If you are having connection issues Forward port 7692 on yuor router.

When the client is open and fully synced point you miner to and set the username/password/rpcport yuo selected in the .conf file.That is It! you should be mining bitgems. Be patient they take a while to roll in but will be worth the gems they signify one day hopefully!

You must keep the bitgem wallet Open and unencrtpted to mine coins. The client will only allow minted coins to go to an "open" wallet. You can encrypt and unencrypt to mine just as well.


If you have any troubles with this guide feel free to reply or pm me.

Bitgem Pool and Instructions: