Bitfenix prodigy

So im building a machine for my sister and she wants about £250 on it including the case (not listed) (UPDATED LINK (might not work))

Could you help me find the best cpu for her and mobo (has to be mini-ITX )

also sould she get a modular PSU for better cable managment considering the size of the case

She just wants to use for homework and browsing the web (NOT a gamer )


It doesn't list the items you're looking at.

Bitfenix actually recommend a non-modular unit, as the large connectors of a modular supply will create a bit of a tight fit. It's actually very easy to hide cables away inside the Prodigy. I've used that chassis.

I'll edit this post with a build config in a minute.

ok and edited post she wants it for homework and browsing she is not a gamer

I heard that case likes to tip over.

Maybe consider this:

Could get some cheaper storage, or a slightly cheaper PSU. I wanted to put a generous amount of storage in the system, and XFX PSUs are good quality. Just something to consider.

You could get a slightly less powerful CPU. Any of the Pentium range will be fine for browsing the internet. It was only a small price increase for a faster clock speed.

There's 2x2GB of RAM, which will enable you to utilise dual channel memory. Would be nice to throw in an i3 into this build for ~£300

I did configure some AMD APU solutions in addition:

This has a better igpu

Cheers both look solid and i could talk to her see if she has room 

Would you choose intel over AMD then because im not actually sure of how much difference there is i currently have a AMD FX 6300

I included a third configuration with a 500GB HDD, which was a little more suitable for the budget at £255-ish.

Each build has merits. Go with whatever takes your fancy. I don't really have a preference. I would insist on keeping the XFX unit, though. It's solid for the money.

ok cheers great help