BitFenix Prodigy GPU Cooling

Hello everyone! I love my case, the BitFenix Prodigy. I would really want to use my Windowed Side Panel but there comes problems with that. The GPU while using the Windowed Side panel gets extremly hot and the games starts lagging. I have the ODD and 1 fan in the front. Would It help for me by removing the ODD and getting 2 fans in the front instead? Would this help alitte bit? FYI I have the white version of the case so no mesh front.

Does your GPU have a blower style exhaust fan or a fan that vents inside the case? You could try and get the NZXT Kraken G10 and mount a CPU cooler to the GPU. The G10 is difficult to get right now though. That should look good through the window as well IMO.

I actually manage to fix it alittle bit, atleast not as warm as without what I did. I removed the ODD and put an old fan from my old case in the top. Which means getting cool air from above and inside. Not the best cooling but it works okay. I have been thinking about the Kraken G10 but not sure if I want that.