Bitfenix Prodigy Fan/Cooling Setup?

Well I am getting my parts very soon (I already order them), the one thing I forgot was a cpu cooler and case fans. I don't know how I am going to setup the fans or what size fans to get. I definitely want a 200mm in the front. The rest I can't decide. I want to go with a closed-loop watercooler like either the H80i or H100i. Any replies would be greatly appreciated.

I'm setting up my fans as well, would like to know what route you went. I got the Xigmatek Dark Knight II (SD1283) when it went on sale about two months back. I just got my recon and 230mm Spectre yesterday, and installing two top fans with the recon is going to be tricky for sure.

There are a few creative solutions to that problem I'm looking into, but my setup is so far the 230mm in the front, the cpu cooler with the included xigmatek fan plus a 120mm Noctua fan, and another noctua as exhaust. I removed the two spectres that came with the case to use as the top fans.

The honey badger video showcases the SD1283, and a review was done on it separately as well.

I've considered the Prodigy for one of my own builds, I went into a serious amount of depth when I went ahead and researched everything I needed to know about the case. Don't take my word as gospel, I don't actually own a Prodigy, but maybe thid configuration will aid you:
[br]You can fit a 230mm fan in the front without removing the optical drive.
[br]I would recommend the Phanteks PH-TC12DX (comes in a choice of colours) This has a smaller footprint than other air coolers like the popular Noctua NH-D14. It will provide all the cooling performance of a h80i, without the noise.
[br]Most ITX mobos have 2 fan headers. You can plug the Phantek fans into the CPU fan header, you might need to include a Y-fan splitter. This leaves you a single fan header free. If you refer to the mobo manual, you will find this can often support up to ten fans.
[br]Any additional fans could be hooked up to a fan controller, such as the Bitfenix Recon (5-way controller).
[br]So with the 200/230 at the front, the two cpu fans, and the two preinstalled stock fans, you should be good to go. The preinstalled fan at the front of the case could be mounted in the roof. The CPU cooler I suggested should leave enough clearance.
[br]P.s if you insist on an optical drive, buy a cheap one of the external variety. The fan controller fore-mentioned will look sexy at the front of the Prodigy.