Bitfenix prodigy case fan placement advice

Hey guys just need some help regarding the best placement of case fans in a bitfenix prodigy case. I'm gonna be putting a 230mm in the front for intake and was thinking of putting a 2x120mm on top and a 140mm at the back as exhaust fans. Is this the best way to go about it or should there be another arrangement? (Such as more intake fans?)


thanks in advance

Personally, I would put a 230mm LED in the front. One at the back as exhaust and then one at the top, also as exhaust. The optical drive bay actually blocks the other fan mount. I would rather keep the 5.25" bay for some "cool" :P devices like a fan controller (not that anyone needs them these days) or even just an optical drive.

The 230mm will be loud. That's something to consider.

Yeah got the led versions. Removed the bay drive So 2x120's for me. Alright I guess that is pretty much the best setup so far then. Thanks for your thoughts on it.

Final thing. Most mITX motherboards will have 2 fan headers. If you don't know already, you can connect multiple fans to a single fan header. Just use a Y splitter.

thanks for the heads up but I went for the molex to 3 pin splitter. That's viable too aye?

Yes it is

I thought I might just chime in.

I replaced all my Prodigy fans with Xigmatek fans (I believe the BitFenix fans aren't exactly the quietest).

200mm front intake, 140 rear exhaust, 120 top exhaust.

And then removed the optical bay and placed a closed loop radiator with a Gentle Typhoon fan in exhaust.

This is for a HTPC/emulator machine and it is audible, but only really noticeable when I'm not watching/playing anything.

The caveat here is that with the regular side panel, with the holes in it, it was becoming very dusty inside. I replaced the side panel with a windowed version, but I'm not using a dedicated GPU.

Hey thanks for your input. I'm running a gtx 680 in mine with the prodigy window side panel. Think it's gonna make a huge impact on temps?

You'll be fine. What the side panel lacks in airflow, it makes up for in controlling dust lol. You've got enough fans populating the available mounts, you won't have issues.