Bitfenix Ghost

I'm looking for a simple and clean case like the bitfenix ghost or the corsair Obsidian 550D. I would get the new obsidian 350D but it's only for micro ATX and since I'm building a PC with the FX 8350 they don't have any micro ATX boards. Can someone please help me in finding a case like the obsidian or the ghost. Thank you

If you could splurge a bit for a case get a 650D that is my reccomendation for a ATX full tower case

do you need to have a window?

if not, the ghost is pretty nice

a window is not needed but if theres a nice case with it i wouldn't mind.

You could look into nzxt's switch 810

but it all boils down to your preference on what you like more. there are alot of cases i hate and alot i love. Do some of your own reseach and snooping.

all the ones listed so far are really nice cases