Can someone actually explain me how bitcoin works and is mining?

Please make it no very long :)

Bitcoin is a digital currency. It's data on your computer that has been given value. One method of obtaining BitCoins is by mining. Mining is when you run a program on your computer that cracks hashes and solves complicated algorithms to earn BTC (which is the currency abreviation just like USD is United States Dollars).


If I am not making any sense you can view any of the many BitCoin FAQ and instructional topics already made on this forum.

thank you very much :)

Hello. I am having issues onpening GUIMiner, I have a bitcoin wallet and everything, and I download the newest version, but when I go to run the exe, even in administrator, it opens in the side bar. But then when I go to click it, it closes and nothing will pop up.  

Hmmm... I might be able to figure it out if you take a quick picture.

Theres a fix for it here: link

I wrote a FAQ a while ago. Just find the one where it is something along the lines of 'the mining window doesnt show up'. You just need to delete a profile document from the application profiles. If you follow the steps it will fix it. Let me know if it works :)