Bitcoin price crash

fake , right ?

no straight from the bbc lots of other threads are also discussing it

From what i have been able to accumulate, 

1. People buy when its cheap, driving the prices up. When it reaches a peak, everyone rushes to sell, causing a massive price drop. Its a cycle.

2. Keep in mind that it IS a currency. According to a few news sources the value of the Euro dropped suddenly just before bitcoin did. Coincodince? i think not



It really is dropping fast. Went from 120 € this morning to 68 € now. I not going to say I predicted this, but I was wondering if something like this would happen eventually because it reminded me a bit of the 17th century “Tulip mania”. Maybe it will rise again and repeat a cycle, in that case it would be a good time to invest when it starts rising again.

This is one of those rare times where I say invest. Do it while you still have time because when Mt.Gox reopens at 2am UTC, shit is gonna go nuts. Round 2 anyone? I actually plan on selling the teams BTC earnings when I find out which way it's moving, if down, I'll hold em for a while longer, but if a upward spike starts again, I know where it'll stop this time. This bubble pattern in bit coin will be historic.

Despite you being the founder of the pool im in (and currently mining in) "You know nothing, Jon Snow."

Until bitcoin rises or crashes more and mtgox trading opens back up no one can know for certain what going to happen.

Normally when a market closes because of technical issues like this, there is a massive sell-off when it goes back online (because lack of access, especially to a currency market, shatters confidence and causes panic).

There's no predicting what will happen when Mt.Gox reopens at 2am UTC, but if I was dumb enough to put money on it, I'd say to expect blood in the streets. Lots of it. Hopefully for those who sunk real money into this, I'm wrong.