Bitcoin noob, please help :D

So first off, I am COMPLETELY new to this. I watched some tutorials, got a wallet, mining software, workers, etc. I started mining and have been for about 20 minutes, I'm at around 562 mh/s, and about 300 "accepted." Now I know this isn't nearly enough time to get any payout or whatever (still not really sure how that part works) but I was just wondering how it works, like at what amount of "accepted" will I get some amount of Bitcoin? And also, once I have any fraction of coin, how do I use it? And I heard that the "blocks" come in about 50 coins, so how do I get my shares? If someone can just help clarify some basic information about coin mining that would be really cool. And also just any other info about this would be much appreciated. Thanks!

GPU based bitcoin mining is no longer profitable, in fact you are losing money as we speak because all the money that you make will go to the electrical bill and more, not to mention that when farming at that speed you will not see any profit, only broken hardware. Document yourself about asic bitcoin miners, they are the only shot you've got if you want to make a profit out of bitcoin mining but they require a small investment. The only way you can still make real profit out of bitcoin is if you actually buy a couple of coins which cost thousands of dollars and is risky as hell since this currency can fluctuate hundreds of dollars a day. If you go by the general trend that it will have a general rising trend you will make money, but if you take into account that it's a bubble and it will pop eventually, you will lose. Anyway, document yourself about alternative currencies. This is a trend right now and there are lots of materials you can learn from, just google it.

Yea I have been looking up a lot about it tonight. So I had around 600 "accepted" but I just stopped it. What does this mean? And also, all this software I downloaded, along with all of the "accepted," where does this go? should I be deleting this stuff off my hard drive?

I don't know how much you have legitimately researched about bitcoin, but it is really far from a "trend".

Bitcoin has a value that is based on the fact it still has yet to enter the credit card usage market, the banking market, the gold market, and the chinese housing bubble investment market.

To say that this is a fad, is plain wrong. The value comes from the fact you know the money is not fake. You can follow who it is that made it, and you don't have to worry about someone else coming along and devaluing your money.


You had 600 accepted "Shares". Each share is one successful has. Each has is a 256^2 calculation done on the transactions in the bitcoin blockchain that are waiting to be verified. Your computer uses work giving to you by the "pool" you're mining with, and it is just luck whether or not you get the equation right to solve the current block, and thus purely luck (Very small luck in your case) if you're going to see any bitcoin from your endeavours.

You can still make money on the Mining rigs that are for pre-order, but keep in mind by January the hashrate of bitcoin i probably going to double... 20% increase 4 times, tends to do that. So your projected income would be half of any calculator online. And if you are relying on the price of bitcoin to balance out the earnings, then just buy bitcoin. Not really much more risk, and it is actually a better idea since you're not out of the thousands you pay for a mining rig, waiting and hoping it gets delivered on time.