Bitcoin minor virus neeeed help!

Hi all,

I believe there is a virus going around through skype and other VOIP programs called "Bitcoin minor Trojan". (Though the alias of which it is under a name called "Help").

Now I seem to have a problem with this, as I have been subdued to this bad, jabbering stutter of poop.  The symptom  I've been having is generally that my GPU fans spin up for no apparent reason and/or display stuttering when mouse pointer has been inactive for 1min or so. Also my CPU  and RAM usage would sky rocket to the moon and back. 

If The Tek, or anyone on this forum could  help me I will be forever in your debt. I will serve grapes to whom ever helps me with such an annoying and stupid problem like this.

PS: I've tried anti virus software which Iown. Such as: Kesperky and Malwarebytes. It wont come off!

Have you heard of hirens boot cd?

Usually, if I have a serious problem, I just reinstall Windows. Completely format drives. Back up important files.

Actually no I haven't what is it?

Is there anything else I may be able to do before I must come to that?  I mean, I'll try anything.  Even going into my reg edit files if need be.

Did your try a boot scan? Avast is good about that but i am sure others have it.Plus do full system scans instead of the short ones. Same with malware bytes. Check into ccleaner. Oh and default your browsers also. Since your running a ssd hdd setup it should be no big deal just to do a clean os install if all else fails.


I use ccleaner all the time.  I didn't know malwarebytes had boot scan. I'll try a boot scan. Cheers. I'll run another full scan on my system so I can be sure. cheers for the help guys.

No, your antivirus should have it. Plus it sounds like just malware which hides in your boot and your browsers so everytime you boot you just install the malware and the same can be said for your browsers. If you have had problems with browser jackings, guess what.

DUDE!!!! Your a life saver. It worked.  Its gone! I did a full scan in malwarebytes and a boot scan. Fixed it. Thank you so much.

Glad you got it sorted.

Highly recommend Win patrol. It serves one purpose well. It helps you control browser jackings and software jackings. When it pops up with something you did not want. You reject it and run a fast seek and destroy. Searching............. anyway showing my age. :)~


you can run antivirus programs from it with out entering windows

Sorry part of me agrees with that part of me doesnt. No need to wipe the drive unless its a persistent infection. Once you start seeing attacks directly against your antivirus and security software itself or regular changes to system config. Yes by all means wipe the drive.

Cheers guys! It helped a shit tone.