Bitcoin Mining

Hey Logan,

         Iv'e recently come onto the Bitcoin scene and I wanted to make a kickass rig that can rip through blocks.  I wanted to go with a few 5850's in Crossfire.  So I was wondering which Motherboard and CPU/APU combination would have the amount of PCI Bandwidth that I would need to run smoothly?  Should I go with different and/or newer GPU's?  If you were building a Bitcoin machine from the ground up how would you go about doing so and what components would you put into it?


Thanks in advance for those who answer my questions,


P.S. Logan if you don't put this in an INBOX.EXE video I will come to your house with a cat and comb the hair off the cat on to your couch thus making it impossible to sit on said couch without covering yourself in cat hair.

pretty much, unless you're running 7970s or even 7950's, it's not really worth it anymore

Unless you are looking to mine part time on a rig you will otherwise use, you will probably never make back your captial investment with GPU mining now. 

Im going to run this rig full time mining and I'm currently running a green household so power is not a problem.

Thats not the issue. The problem is that ASICs have hiked the diffculty. On GPUs you will not be able to mine enough bitcoins to make back the money you spend on just buying the rig, let alone the power costs. I would look into getting you name on an ASICs waiting list if anything (that might even be late for these gen 1 systems).

Which ASIC would you reccomend I'm only familiar with Butterfly labs and those are super expensive from what I recall.

they're pretty much all scams, so...yeah

Butterfly labs is a scam. The only ASIC thats actually been produced and sold, and in peoples possesion are the $30,000 ones ( I believe )

Bitcoin isnt dead. But mining for it, is.

Yeah I think we are firmly in the cycle of the early adopters of new ASICs winning for a short time, and then the difficulty ramping up too fast to allow anyone else to make money mining. Keep in mind this is not really a bad thing, when the costs associated with providing the computational infrastructure needed to support the system go lower and lower and the network gets more and more efficient in terms of power and time, it can really help push the overall network to be more and more robust. But the time of mining as a money making venture in hopes of a windfall seem to be over.