Bitcoin mining rig


how are u all? Hopifully fine. I have some questions i would like answers to thanks

alright recently i have gotton really interested in the bitcoin mining and was thinking about building a pc that would be good for bitcoin mining and maybe even Litecoin mining. Ok so i was thinking something like this would be a great setup. 

4 x 7970

amd fx cpu + asus v formula z mobo

a power supily of 1200watts or above

yeah so something like this. I just wanted to know your opinion on this 


7950s, for the love of god, get 7950s!

Don't listen to PCPP:

Great PSU, way more than enough, and lots less money on GPUs.

sorry but i have another question. How much do u think this rig will make me in a day?



I don't think "how much will I make in a day?" is an appropriate question.

It should be "how much will I make in a year?". It will probably take at least that length of time to break even, and recoup the cost of this investment.

By then, Bitcoin might be completely saturated with ASIC miners.

Bitcoin really isnt worth mining anymore. Its now become more like a stock. Buy low, sell high. 

As someone who was in the first bitcoining group on Tek Syndicate I can tell you now that with how cheap ASIC miners are and how easy they are to get. Graphic card mining is dead.

so can any one tell me where to buy an asic miner? i can't seem to find a place to buy it? Oh and what if i used this rig for litecoins? would that be a good investiment?

I wouldn't mine BTC with it anyway. I'd mine LTC or just use it to Fold.

Fold can u tell me what that is? I am a little new to all this bitcoin/litcoin stuff and still learning

Folding isn't for profit, it is for "charity." It's what I use my rig for 90% of the time. Folding protiens for Stanford for research into some of the most crippling diseases and issues that plague humanity.

ok thanks for letting me know