Bitcoin mining or litecoin mining

I recently built my PC and due to my studies only get to use my PC at the weekend and have used the weekdays to mine bitcoins on my PC. However, with many people on this site in particular moving to litecoin, I was wondering which would be the best currency to continue mining. I plan on simply selling the coins acquired through mining as soon as the market value hits trigger levels so there is no long term game for me here. Would love to hear your thoughts.

Litecoin mine if you want to benefit yourself. Bitcoin mine if you want to help Tek Syndicate. Simple as that :)

What GPU do you have? That can also influence the decision

7970 as well as a part time miner on my laptop GPU which is a 7730m

BTC or LTC would be fine. Litecoin is probably a bit more profitable at the moment, but its also a bit more hassle.