BitCoin Mining Guide and FAQ (UPDATED)

We felt that the main thread was a bit outdated for info and it was all over the place, so I decided to write a new guide for new members of the team to use to connect to the team's pool.

First you have to download and install Bitcoin qt found here:

Then download and extract GUIMiner (found here):

Most of the settings will be the same for everyone, but the only real differences will be usernames.

Here are the majority of settings that everyone will be using:

Server (drop down menu): other

  • Host:
  • Port: 8332
  • Password: 123 
  • Username: teksyndicate_[your forum name]

You get your username form here: link

Extra Flags: (This depends on the GPU) Just try experimenting and see what works best. But generally:

  • NVIDIA cards use: -v - cuda (only use this if you are running a nvidia, also note the space between the - and the cuda)
  • AMD cards x7xx series use: -v
  • AMD cards x8xx series use: -v -w 128
  •  AMD cards x9xx series use: -v -w 256

CPU Affinity does not affect GPUs newer than 2011, but older cards gain Mhash/s when you tick more boxes.

          -Ticking box 0 is required for all cards.

Frequently Asked Questions

This thread will be updated as we think of more questions to answer. 

Q: There is no start mining button. What do i do?

    A: Expand the window and it should show now.

Q: I start GUIMiner, but I can't see it? What do I do?

    A: In the search bar (in the start menu), type in '%appdata%' and then open the 'Roaming' folder.Find the folder 'poclmb' inside and delete its contents. It will restore GUIMiner to defaults.Restart guiminer and just put in the settings that you had before.

Q: I'm getting a lot of stale/invalid shares? Why is this?

    A: High latency is the usual culprit for this, but sometimes the firewall blocks outgoing connections. If your wallet isn't synced, you will get more stale shares. So don't be concerned until your wallet finishes syncing.

Q: My Mhash rate is really low, why?

    A: Make sure your device is set to 0-0, as it is your GPU. If you have multiple GPUs, there will be multiple devices with the same name, those are your GPUs.

Q: Do I need to sync Bitcoin qt before I start mining?

    A: Under most instances you don't have to, but there are rare cases where it is required. You can just run it in the background while you mine though. It isn't too resource heavy

Q: There is an error message along the lines of "no such option as -c".

    A: This is a problem with your flags. Ensure there is a space between the dash and the command. i.e it's '- cuda', not '-cuda', or '-w 128', not '-w128'

Q: There is an error message along the lines of "poclmb error...(and then a whole load of numbers and letters)"

    A:95% of these are due to typing in the information wrongly. Make sure the port and host are spelled right (that includes having the periods right for the host). And for the username, check it is the same spelling and format as the username we gave you.

Q: My GPU is running really hot, what can i do? (hot=80-85+)

    A:You can try turning up the fans if they are not at max. Or, reduce your overclock if you have one, or underclock your card if its not overclocked (use msi afterburner or eqivalent).

Q: Does overclocking help with bitcoin mining?

    A: Yes, but only the core clock. To go all out mining, you bring the memory clock all the way down and then start increasing the core clock. This reduces temps. When doing an overclock, try to aim to have temps below 75 degrees.

Q: My Wallet doesn't have any bitcoins in it. Is it working right?

    A: Yes, your wallet wont show any bitcoins. They are all being directed to our wallet. To check you are mining, use this link and find your name:

Q: Why does that link you posted above have my hasrate so low?

    A: That thing is pretty buggy. It estimates your hashrate based on the time it took for you to submit your last few shares. So only use it as a general guide. Whatever it says in guiminer in the bottom right is your actual hashrate. That is what your computer is doing, so don't worry if that page says something different.

If you think of another FAQ i should add to the list, just post it in the comments below.

Thanks for all your support and help guys :)

The VRM Temps Are different for different cards for exapmle my card Is "OK" at 100c

Yeah but i think its easier if we just say to to keep it below 80 as a rule of thumb. People that know what they are doing aren't gonna break anything. I just dont want people new to this frying their card by doing something crazy and not knowing that something's wrong

In MSI afterburner should I increase the power limit (not core voltage.) while increasing the core clock?

I alrady underclocked the memory clock back to 600 from I think 1200 at default. I also kicked the fan to 70% from 57.

I'm thinking of maybe doing an overclocking guide. But yeah, i have mine at 110%. What is your default core clock and what are you at now? (and how much have you increased the voltage)

Thanks for the updated guide. The old one got a bit confusing since so many things happened since its original creation. This will also help new people figure out what overclock/underclock settings are best for there cards and how to get maximum hash rate.

Edit: nevermind link was optimized for litecoin mining overclocks it should still be helpful :p

my default core clock is 1GHz its stable at 1110 MHz and I droped the memory clock down from 1200 mhz to 900 mhz. I increased the Power limit by 10%. Mhash rate is about 397-402. which is a 45-50 mhash/s improvement.

 I also tried it at 1150 Core clock but I don't see much improvement past 400 Mhash/s and it gets unstable around there. Must of done 4 BSOD tonight fidlling with it.


Again my GPU is a XFX 7870 core edition.

Q: I start GUIMiner, but I can't see it? What do I do?

A: In the search bar (in the start menu), type in '%appdata%' and then open the 'Roaming' folder.Find the folder poclmb inside and delete its contents. It will restore GUIMiner to defaults.Restart guiminer and just put in the settings that you had before.

On a related note to this, I just thought I'd point this out. This is caused by closing GUIminer while it's minimized and saving the settings. You can also fix it yourself by "opening" GUIminer so that it's in your taskbar, the pressing alt + space then selecting move (or press M), your mouse should now look as if you were moving a window around the desktop simply press the right arrow key now untill the GUIminer window is back on the screen and click on it, it should be fixed now as long as you don't close GUIminer while it's minimized.

Rez'd to feed!

I keep getting the messages 

"2013-04-15 07:37:57: Listener for "Default": 15/04/2013 07:37:57, IO errors - 1, tolerance 2

2013-04-15 07:37:57: Listener for "Default": 15/04/2013 07:37:57, Setting new difficulty: 1"

And I cant find my name on the list to see if I'm mining.

*facepalm* ill get that fixed now. XD

how much time will it take to mine one coin i have never minned before so just asking

o.o i bought this pc so its running 24x7 so ill be happy to help and yeah can i play pc games side by side minning cause i heard minning sucks all ur pc up

How long would you say it takes to mine one whole bitcoin if you're mining solo?

You cant game whilst mining unless its a really low intensity game that hardly uses any gpu power. And the amount of time it takes to mine a btc is entirely dependant on your gpu

entirely dependant on what gpu you are running.

i am running 7870 ghz edition *not overclocked *


*NoTE it is not the oc model*

ill be happy to help just a question can i pause or stop bitcoin minning when i need to do work or play games :?

and what do u think how much time will it take now also my cpu is fx 8350 and is it good enough for minning:? andmy friend has given me his  pentium 4 with 64 mb inbuilt gpu for days /month  can it do minning also 

 Yeah, you can start and stp mining with the press of one button, its easy. And what do you mean 'how much time will it take'?

As for cpu mining, i wouldn't bother, its pretty slow and energy inefficient. Only mine with dedicated GPU's.

okay i had a 5870 lying and threw in my rig, so for the flags do i use "-v -w128"?

just want to make sure and appreciate the help :)

That's correct. ;)