Bitcoin AMD overclocking guide

So.. you have an AMD card and you want to get the maximum Mhash possible? Well you have come to the right place.

here i am going to show you a link to a website with overclock guides on all AMD GPUs. press ctrl+f and find your GPU it will tell you what settings you need to put to overclock your gpu what temps people are getting, etc

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I have my 6870 overclock just a bit on MSI afterburner and getting 260-270mhash average from it. i cant get anymore because my card goes unstable when i try to overclock it even further. 

Please be safe dont set your house on fire. watch your temps and happy overclocking!



I bumped my 7870 to coreclock 1115, dropped memeory clock to 900 from 1200 and bumped the gan to 70%. Right now its 70c

 From 356-360 Mhash/s to a stable 400 or above. I only do this if im not going to be watching videos since if I watch youtube it drops back to 360.

i got a 7850 i have the core clock at 1050, had to up the voltage, and the memory clock at 4200. fan at 34%. getting 305 MH/s at 70C. is 70C safe to run for long periods of time? say 24 hours at a time or something? will this ruin my card quickly? or will it take years for my card to die? it's a fairly new card about 2 months old.

i am running my 2x7870 at 1200 core and 1200 memory. It runs around 67C and 430MH/s. want to push it a bit more.

also how do you know your card is unstable? artifacts? like pixelated effect instead of smooth fade on start menu stuff like that? and what are the consequences of having an unstable GPU that still runs at ok temperatures? oh yeah and i bumped the fan up to 40% and now it's 64 C.

70c is an ok temp. You generally want to keep it below 75c. 

What brand are your 7870's? I didn't see a big improvement at 1150 GPU clock then I did around 1115.

I assume Blue Screens of Death? I got a few of them when I overclocked my 7870.


they are msi hawks

normally you wont get blue screened. You should see a popup in the bottom right that says something like 'device driver not found' and if you were doing something, your gpu load will drop to zero.

Yeah I got a few of those too. Wonder what caused the BSOD's.

My GPU is running at 900 Core clock, and 1200 Mem clock. If I move them even 1 up, my screen starts tearing really badly. I don't understand why... It's running at 40 C.

It does the same thing if I lower it too... Any changes at all

Snapped this just to show. Temps top out around 74C on GPU1, but only ~60C on GPU2. ran like this for hours, but i am contemplating on if BTC will be to much for my budget atm. (power wise)

Are the clock speeds mentioned in that Bitcoin mining hardware comparison link for the core clock speeds, or the memory clock speeds?


If they are for the clock speeds, will lowering my memory clock speeds help me to increase my core clock speeds for more mega hashes?

core clock, usually if you have a reference card (no overclocking) the memory shouldnt be changed. You really dont want to downclock the memory, because it will probably wont let you achieve a higher core speed. But just overclocking the core will result it a higher stable core speed over overclocking core and mem. 

I do not know how much of an impact memory speed has on mining though... 

I can't tell if this is a reference card or not. I don't believe it is, but I'd like a 2nd opinion:

that is not a reference pcb, also with that card, the voltage is locked, so not so good for overclocking.

Good to know, thanks. this card good?