Bit of a GTA V PC problem

Im not sure if it's just me or anyone...

But everyone once in a while it does this


Intel Core I7
Nvidia Geforce 840M (2GB VRAM)
Runs at 1366X786 or something like that
I mean, i can run it, it runs over 30FPS most of the time... Anyway i can fix this?

Are you using a HDD or an SSD ? Looks like it simply can't load the textures fast enough.

is a 1TB HHD (the thin ones for laptops) It's also been partitioned by Asus if that has anything to do with it (Game is on C drive, so where windows is installed)

You could try defragmenting the drive, but my gut feeling tells me that it is simply too slow for a demanding game such as this. GTA needs to constantly load tons of files and textures. If the HDD can't keep up, the screenshot above is exactly what you get.

Does it happen when you drive slow too?

This used to happen a lot for me when running decently high specs on my R9 270. I am pretty sure the 840MM just doesn't have the memory bandwidth to load in the textures.

When I check my drive usage when playing GTA V, only 50% is being used

Does it then fill in the textures all at once or one after another? I have no problem with my GTA V, but I have it on a SSD.

Well, everything loads, i can just sit there and see all the textures, and sometimes when i Move, textures re-render

Have you fixed this yet? How?

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