Biostar launching MoBo featuring 10GbE aiming at new low price

Hi fellow people,
I seek 10GbE as a standard for me, from like some time now, but the thing is that I find way to expensive for the use that I have in mind the proposals given in today products. But that is shaping to be a gone thing.
I saw that Biostar was integrating (LOM) one 10GbE copper link on, at least one, new motherboard for the new 200 series (Intel related).
The model in news is the BIOSTAR Racing Z270GT9 Site . The controller from Intel seems to be the X550-AT Intel ARK.
First question that I made was "But how it costs?". I was surprised seeing at Tom's Hardware Link (and on other sites) one expected price of 329$ for the board, or 399$ with one Intel 600P 256GB M.2 SSD bundled. For europeans I saw the board referenced in one German site (pcgameshardware dot de) for the price of 457€ (w/ one VAT applied of 19%) this for the bundled offer.

Past that you may ask, why may such power be needed for general home usage? In my case I pretty often (1 to 3 times a week, less or so) make large transfer of files that I join, that may be in the order of 12 to 20GB, and this is currently in today's time. So, for me, I began thinking that currently this is slow if i want continue doing whatever I want to do and transfer files same time, often looking for my screen some 10 minutes and for the marvelous of a file transfer ("1st world situation").
I'm not even messing with 4k content because that would make the hires say no to enough 10 min. count downs that would make boring the action. This is usually 1080p content, music, articles, photos or so.

If I look for today's competition, usually see hardware [not HEDT, and where I can buy] like the Asus Maximus VIII Extreme/Assembly (100 series intel) with one PCIe 10GbE solution bundled for 629€. I know that offers more and the components may be better in some ways, but looking for around 150€ of diference is substantial.

So, is any major place in the path of the 0's and 1's where biostar cheap out or simply is more affordable adopting one 10Gb solution for the home desktop's?

Thanks for the attention and have a happy day.

Interesting, its allways nice to see motherboard manufacturers implementing 10GbE.
However €450,- ish is really allot of money for a Biostar board.
I personally dont think that this is going to be a best seller.

450€ with one regular NVMe 256GB SSD included.
They announced 329$ US for the motherboard alone, but I pretty much guess that price is w/out VAT.

Even so I understand that may be seen as a yet step price.

Dual ethernet with 1 10Gb

and a U.2 connector. Pretty neat board there. I agree that's a bit steep for a biostar board. I've never heard the best out of their products.