Bioshock Infinite: Your "Wow" moment *SPOILERS*

Please do not read on if you wish to not have the game's ending spoiled for you, you have been warned.


So, after finishing Bioshock Infinite I was left a bit in awe, it definitely had the best ending of a game i've seen in quite awhile. Im wondering, when did you put all of the pieces of the puzzle together and figure it all out?
For me it was as Anna's pinky finger was being cut off when being handed to the other Lutece twin.

 I had pretty much figured it out when both of the were standing in the room saying "give us the girl and clear the debt". Personally, I didn't think it was good at all. It explained practically nothing and just left you with open ended/dead ended thoughts and questions. This game disappointed me to be honest. Can't believe it's got so many high ratings.

I understand that, but do you really want a game to tell you EXACTLY what had happened, or do you want freedom and the ability to create your own hypothesis about the storyline of the game, and then discuss it with others?

True. True. I think I'm just disappointed because of how good Bioshock 1 was.

I still don't fully understand the business with Booker and Comstock, are they literally the same person or did it mean that if there is a Booker there will always be a Comstock?

Comstock and Booker are the same person, Comstock was created when Booker chose to be baptised, wheras the Booker you play as chose not to be baptised.

I see, I see. Game's deep, confusing.

Why would he kidnap his own daughter then? Ugh

Booker doesnt know Elizabeth is his daughter, but Comstock knows that Elizabeth is Anna because Booker hands Anna to Comstock.

The biggest shocker for me was when you "Smother comstock as a baby" and end up killing yourself and elizabeth in the process but yet again it was one of the best endings to a game I have seen

Same person different universe.  It creates a cross universe time loop.  In which with out Booker or Comstock niether Columbia or Elizbeth exist.

there is a small bit after the credits that Shows a Booker and Anna in an apartment so in theory in a Time line/universe Booker stays booker, and chooses not to sell Anna.   Or Lutece twins never end up fucking with that time line.


Should note, that the Male Lutece is from Bookers time line while the Female is from Comstock's.  They seem to fail to mention that with out either of them, this messy business would of never happened.  They could of fixed this easy by coming back and having the female cross over to Bookers Universe as opposed to both choosing to live in The universe with Columbia and Comstock.

Good to know, the Lutece's were definitely my favorite characters... or rather character.

No doubt it was a good ending. But I've got to be honest I didn't really understand anything. I didn't even follow the story throughout the game that well. I had the same problem with the other Bioshock games. I love the games, but can't follow the stories very easily, don't know if it's just me!?

The whole multiple dimension and time thing put me off a little, I felt it was making the story more complex than it needed to be.

I got really exited when I found myself in Rapture at the end of the game, unfortunately it was a very brief scene set in an empty room, I would have loved to be there a bit longer.

One thing I missed from Infinite was Rapture. There were tons of different environments and settings throughout Infinite, but I missed the creepy-horror theme from the previous two games. Although there were scenes which reminded me of Bioshock 2 (mostly the indoor environments, the part where you find the Murder-of-crow vigor), it just didn't give me the same feeling of isolation. I think that Elizabeth accompanying you everywhere prevented you from feeling lonesome.

The point of this game wasn't isolation or horror though. Yeah people wanted rapture but really, what else could they do there? It would be overdone if another game took place in Rapture.

When you realize the DLC could be in different timelines. or even different lighthouses. One Man, One Lighthouse, One City. If they wanted to be super awesome they could put an entire bioshock storyline in a whole new city with a new main character if they wanted. Of course It'd be shorter but It'd still be cool.

I know, I'm not complaining. The game was great!

I'm just saying that the game didn't really give me the old "Bioshock feel".

Still a fantastic game, but if you're a Bioshock fan, I wouldn't say you're necessarily going to love Infinite straight away.