BioShock Infinite Not on Wii U?

Hey starting off I dont own a Wii U or planning to, however i think its unfair that nintendo gamers dont get these great games coming out.

What do you guys think?

Developers will only make games for a plaform where they think they will make enough money for their time.

The Wii-U hasn't had great sales so making games for it wouldn't exactly be the most logical thing to do.

It's almost like a plaform recession but there's not much you can do. 

It's somewhat pointless that they would be releasing a game on a console whose start-up was less efficient than the 3DS.  The system could hold a lot more potential if only the clock speeds were even a couple of MHz higher and the mandatory starting update wasn't 5+ gigs.

...Unless they've changed something within the past two months, I don't see anything truly amazing being released on what could have been a great console.  It makes me sad as a Nintendo fan to see them continue on placing business plans on gimicks (sp?).

I just think its a shame considering the lowest score for this game which ive seen is a 9.

It's also mostly because the WiiU isn't a particularly powerful machine, and it would simply be a terrible thing to completely redesign a game to get it to run on that hardware.

Anyone who would be insane enough to buy a Wii U would I guess deserve to not be able to play the better games. It baffles me why anyone in their right mind would purchase that piece of crap system. It baffles me even more that Nintendo thinks that it would appeal to gamers. Releasing your first ever HD capable console 7 years after your competitors...insane.

i guest im insane to buy a wii u so i guest i dont derserve to play better games but rely it not a crap system it a good platforme whit potential that has not been reach yet dont bash so quick i love pc gaming but i love console gaming too why because i like the fresh experience in gameplay style and the compeditor console is not true HD it native 720p while the wii u i true 720p and is not 7 years late anyway i feel bad that the wii u dosent get a lot of love from tird paty developer it a great systeme that hasent reach it full potential

I am going to get a lot of flak, but nintendo is for elementary school kids and old folks. They sometimes carry some mature titles, but as a whole they market and design their consoles as "family fun." The wii U is no exeption. They have the market on young gamers, but that market is being taken over by smart phones. Aging gamers flock to higher quality and more in-depth game consoles and PC gaming.


Nintendo has had nothing but awkward game controllers since game cube. The wii remots had good motion, but were difficult to use for more traditional games. Wii U is just more of the same. Awkwardness that clings to nostalgic franchises of Zelda, mario, and etc. The systems themselves are horribly designed even when they have had a few great games. The crushed clown face AKA the game cube controler was the beginning of nintendos downfall. Nintendo wii had success with their motion games, but as a large was not as sucessful as xbox and PS3 for more serious money spending consumers.

In the end, Nintendo is for kids, and bioshock infinite is not.

The gpu is around a 4870.

The ps3/360 pale compared to the wiiu's power.


Now you'll come back with a comment about a low clockspeed and low ipc processor and I reply with the ps4 will have a 1.6ghz jaguar.

Nintendo used to be the platform to go to for great games. Sadly, Nintendo's last great gaming system was the Nintendo 64 because they have been more concerned with gimmicks rather than providing an immersive gaming experience. The Nintendo 64 was graphically amazing for its time, and Nintendo constantly churned out great games for the platform.

Then gamecube came out, which had only marginally better graphics than the N64, while Xbox and PS2 were both graphically beautiful. Sometimes graphics don't matter, though, and you can have great games anyway. This was the position Sony was in with the PS2. It wasn't as pretty as the Xbox, but it still looked good and had a great library of games. Xbox looked the prettiest, and had some pretty great titles as well, but PS2 had more. Gamecube, on the other hand, was sitting there bragging about how small the system was and how small the game discs were. No one is going to fucking care about that if the games are shit though.

Then Nintendo regressed even further when the Wii came out. Al they seemed to care about was that the system was even smaller than the gamecube and motion control was annoyingly implemented into every single game that came out for the platform. Every game felt clumsy and awkward because of this, and more and more developers shied away from the system because the hardware just couldn't keep up with the graphical capabilities. Worse still, Nintendo continues to pump out the same games over and over again. I think we're proabably on Mario Kart 7 right now because apparently Nintendo developers have run out of ideas. They're more concerned with being mediocre rather than being a competitor.

Now the Wii U is out, but how many people are actually going to go out and buy a console where its only decent title comes from the Zelda franchise? Serious developers are not going to produce games for the Wii U because Nintendo has alienated themselves by making mediocre consoles and content propelled by  gimmicks like motion control and tablet controllers. 

At this point, I'm really surprised Nintendo hasn't gone out of business. I really hope Nintendo either cleans up its act or goes out of business. At least we'll get to keep classic titles like Zelda and Mario if they do go out of business, since the competition will buy the rights to them. The old franchises will look and feel a lot better with either Microsoft or Sony at the helm; that's for sure.

As for Nintendo being for 6-year-olds...well Nintendo consoles definitely are now, but it wasn't always that way. Perfect Dark, Concor's Bad Fur Day, and plenty of other great, mature titles were on the N64.