Bioshock Infinite & Crysis 3 & FC3-BD Gamecodes ($34 for all)

I am selling these game codes that I received from AMD graphic card. All two game with the expansion for $30. I have 5 copies.

Paypal or quick pay is recommended.




Unfortunately, the video graph price went up by $30. I can't sell these at $30 anymore. It is $35 now.

do you know if i can activate them in germany? im looking for those games and 40 bucks is a nice price point. btw i allready got blood dragon on steam

Here is the Terms you can read.


2013 Never Settle Reloaded Bundle:  AMD Radeon™ HD 7900 Series Graphics| Crysis® 3 +
BioShock® Infinite + Far Cry® 3 Blood Dragon
These Terms and Conditions govern the receipt of “BioShock Infinite”, "Crysis 3" and “Far Cry® 3 Blood Dragon”
Key Codes for free downloads of the games with the purchase of an Eligible AMD Product (the “Promotion”). By
participating in the Promotion, you consent to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.  Hereinafter, BioShock®
Infinite, Crysis® 3, Far Cry® 3 Blood Dragon will be referred to as the “Free Games.” The Promotion is open to
participants who are the age of majority in their country of residence or at least 17, whichever is older. Residents
the People’s Republic of China are not eligible. Residents of any country in which distribution of the Games is not
available, prohibited by law or export restrictions are not eligible. Residents of Cuba, North Korea, Syria, Sudan,
and Iran are not eligible. To obtain copies of the Free Games, Participant must purchase an eligible AMD product
(see "Eligible AMD Products" below) from a participating retailer and obtain from the participating retailer an AMD
Unique ID. The AMD Unique ID is submitted on the site to obtain the
Steam® Key Code for BioShock® Infinite, an EA Origin® Key Code for Crysis® 3 and an Ubisoft® Uplay Key Code for
Far Cry® 3 Blood Dragon. The Key Codes are redeemed at, and


From the look of this terms and conditions, it say yes you can activate them

3 copies left.

1 copy left. 3 more coming in the next 2 days

I am willing to buy these games, im a noob @ buying online... besides amazon. 

Please email me @, [email protected]

Im located in So Cal, jus in case you are local.

I just want Bioshock and/or Crysis. Any way you could part them out?

I am currently out of all game cards. 3 More coming tomorrow and 1 more coming on Thursday.

I am not selling them separately. $30 is very cheap for all three. I have sold about 6 of these game cards already. They go very fast.

Send me payment over to paypal at [email protected] and I will send you the code tomorrow/thursday


Do you still have any codes left?

I currently have 3 codes left. Are you still interested?

Please send me a private message as this post doesn't let me know when someone posts a message.

2 copies left