Bioshock infinite code already used..?

My gpu came with a code for infinite, I finally decided to hop on and try putting it in n' downloading it. It says "This unique ID has already been sent a game key." I've never tried putting it in before, am I just fucked out of my game? I also got blood dragon and it won't even start. It doesn't make it past the first loading screen. So far this seems like some real bullshit. I get 2 games and can't play either one.. 

I am really looking forward to being able to play bioshock too, and I'm not paying 50$ or whatever when I shuold have it for free... Any way I can fix any of this shit?

is there a "use before (date)" thingy on the codes? if not try calling amd or steam.  
and blood dragon try updating game and drivers or else reinstall.