Bioshock, Farcry 3 BD and Tombraider codes for sale

Now that i have just bought my new graphics card i have some free games that im not really interested in. I am not 100% sure that they will all be steam codes. Here are what im selling them for.

Bioshock infinite and Tombraider (seperate)  - £25 or 85% of your regional equivelent 

Farcry3 Blood Dragon - £11 or 85% of your regional equivelant

I will also take trades if you have a game i like (mainly FPS).  Post in forum if you are interested


(edit) now around 60% of reigonal equivelant




I would be interested in buying them all. How much would you be looking for in Canadian?


1 Euro = $1.37 Canadian

@billyarrow - Around $70 Canadian which is the equiuvelant of around %60 of the steam price in  britain converted into canadian $

@ Gr33nl34f - I dont really want metro last light



I'll defanitely buy far cry 3.

i did the money conversion and i believe it comes out to about $17.00

I'll buy through paypal.

Oh sorry bro, i thought it was original far cry 3

I dont want blood dragon. sorry

Bidding 10 euro for tomb raider.

FYI, prices in the UK are usually insane by North American standards. For example, bioshock infiniet is on sale on this site right now for less than 25 quid.

@ribozyme -  Sure, can you buy through paypal 

@garry perkins - Cheers for the info In the US on Amazon Bioshock Infinite is going for $40, which is 31.17. You might want to lower your price for Bioshock to 15 or so Euro if you want to sell.

@pfannyyy - I hought i had posted up new prices but obviously i havent


Bioshock Infinte or Tomb Raider =  $15 / £10 / 12 Euro

Blood Dragon =  $8 / £5 / 6 Euro

Would you be willing to trade for any of these games at all? You should add me on Steam so we can talk more about this. Steam Name: Pfannyyy

@ Pfannyyy - i will trade for FPS's or garrys mod 

Would a gift copy of Garry's mod in Steam be okay? Do you have Bioshock Infinite in you Steam gift inventory or are you just gonna give me a code?

What's the difference between gift copy and a normal copy?


I would perfer a gift copy because it would make for hassle free trading via Steam if we both have gift copies that we are trading. Just add me on Steam if you want to do the trade.

OK but i cant give you the code for 5 days (it's complicated) ill add you on steam and msg you when i get the code

Okay, could you activate the code on Steam and put it into your gift inventory? It is not that I don't trust you, it is that it is so easy for one of us to be ripped off and I just want to have a smooth trade with no complications.


I'll give you £5 for Blood Dragon. Would that be a Steam code I would be getting?

Ill buy Bioshock and Blood Dragon.

$25 for both?