Bios won't post!

I just built my friend a pc, but the bios won't post were not sure what happened but i think its the mobo its a z87 extreme 4 plz help!!!

Back to basics man, pull everything out and start one at a time.

Try with only power, CPU. You should get some beeps.

EDIT: If this doesn't help, try bench running the motherboard on a flat surface with the anti-static bag underneath it and isolate from static. If that works, re-seat the board back into the case making sure to avoid any terminal and contact problems. If that works, move to next.

Then insert the RAM (and video if not onboard video available), you should get the BIOS Screen up and some messages or at least some more beeps.

Let me know if you come right and if not, I might bother to download the manual and do some reading....


turns out there isn't a buzzer, but niw its just our screen wont show anything


more specs could be handynext to that,  do fans turn on ?  do leds show up ? did you connect 8 pin cpu power connector the right way in?  

  1. take out mobo from the case lay it on the box.
  2. takeout the ram and cpu
  3. check the mobo cpu socket for bend pins!
  4. install back the cpu the right way, triangle.. nodges.
  5. install the stock cooler. dont forget to connect its fan header to cpu fan header on the board.
  6. Install 1 stick of ram in the first slot.
  7. connect your psu ATX connector  and the 8pin cpu power connector to the board.
  8. Connect the monitor to the onboard port from the mobo.
  9. fire it up  by shorting the powerswitch pins, for a second.

 if nothing happens there must be some leds show up.. if not then you probably have a dead mobo.

everything shows up, buyt the screen doesn't show anything, this happened to me before but it was the ram but thats not the case


Is it onboard video? Have you tried a different graphics card? Tried a BIOS reflash?

turns out its the power supply