Bios virus? CPUID 1067A PATCH ID 0A07

how do i get rid of this ? all the time it pops up with loading the bios some idea?


its a: 
GA-G41M-ES2H (rev. 1.3)
e5300 dual core.
4gb ram ddr2 
seagate hdd

Did you already try to flash it?

i tryed to qflash cant get to menu of bios qflash boot menu recovery etc.

take out the bios battery for about 5 minutes put it back in, disconnect all USB devices that are connected to the motherboard, and try to boot again. ☺


i done that without succes.:( even connected the cmos flash

checkout if there are no dammeged usb ports, because a shorted usb board, can cause the same error.

But i have a bad feeling that the bios is bricked..

i mean clean cmos

how can you check that they are dammaged?

just look with a flash light into the ports, if there any of them are dammaged, pins against eachother or bended., wenn you unplug usb  plugs alot, this can happen, over the years. also disconnect every front case usb ports from the headers on the board, because mostly thease ports are mostly used because they are on the front of the case.

i gonna check!