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Bios shows all 8gb RAM, Debian only sees 4gb?

This is a DDR2 System?

Are you using a 32bit or 64 bit OS?


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welp, it must be something with the motherboard. still shows 8gb in bios but booting into any live environment only shows 4gb. PureOS has a hardware detection tool and when I look at the ram it locks the system. last step is to reseat the cpu but I don’t have high hopes. anyone have a dual socket xeon they’d like to donate lol.

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Could be worth trying.
Did you also try to swap modules from one slot to another?
And are those modules all the same? or a mix match?
Seems like it’s dropping a channel.

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I have 4 matched modules and 2 same but unmatched. I’ve tried every configuration. Linux and my motherboard are not communicating.

If I didn’t mention it, this motherboard and ram has ran flawlessly for years together.

Reseated CPU and even swapped to a different CPU, no dice. I’m completely dumbfounded. Aside from the pure OS hardware detector locking, I don’t even see a clue as to what’s going on.


She donzo Steve

Booted to gparted live, started memtest86, it only showed 4gb but I switched monitors and let her run. noticed about an hour later it was off. hit the power button nada, tried a few quick resuscitation techniques, no go.

That fixed it :joy:

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Have you tried two modules ONLY

  • 2 modules in the channel A slots (other channel empty) - test that works
  • 2 channels in the channel B slots (other channel empty) - test that works

I.e., test 2 sticks only work in both channels.

That will at least confirm whether or not it is a physical channel problem (e.g., pins on cpu socket, motherboard traces, or whatever), or a number of DIMMs problem.

Unfortunately, all of that has been tried. She just gave up the ghost… or my power supply died on top of the memory issue, but it’s a fairly new unit from EVGA so I highly doubt that. All will be checked in time.

Matx installed, works… max mem is 4gb in this one though and it’s 1 to few pcie slots, but It’ll work for now.

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