Bios Settings; WTH?


I have a 6700K on a Gigabyte Z170MX-Gaming 5 @ 4.6Ghz. Intel Speed Shift Tech & EIST are both “Enabled” in bios; however, the CPU always runs around 4.6Ghz. It would be nice if it would clock down when I’m browsing or afk.

Any ideas as to why these features are not functioning?

Also, I’ve been OC’ing for years, ever since my Celeron 300A. But, this is my first UEFI bios. My last rig was an X58 chipset. I have some questions about some bios settings in regards to overclocking. There are so many ways to OC; and, so many settings that offer no explanation as to what they do. For example: 1. Uncore 2. CPU Flex Ratio 3. LLC 4. Thermal Monitor 5. EIST vs Speed Step. And, the list goes on. I know what most of these are. But, I’m sure there are plenty of people that don’t. And, there is little information or an abundance of misinformation on a web search.
On my board, I can OC by changing the Clock, Multiplier, CPU upgrade, Turbo, Flex Ratio. There are hidden caveats, under CPU voltage. You have to type “Norm”(there is no selection menu). Doing this will unlock variable voltage. Same for LLC(Load Line Calabration); I have to type “Auto”, “Norm”, or “High”. Holy Confusion! Batman.
So; to summarize. I’m not looking for an how to OC . I’m looking for a simple explanation of cryptic bios terminology & settings. And, how they relate to the OC.

Are you sure you don’t just have your power settings on high performance?

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Are you sure you don’t just have your power settings on high performance?

In Windows?

Yes, windows power settings will drive the cpu to its max clock 24/7 if its told to.

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I’ll check when I get home. I would say more than likely. I hate for the PC to go to sleep in the middle of a download, watching a movie, or extended afk.

You can create a custom power plan that will give you best of both worlds or go through the balanced plan and change the sleep settings.

As far as your other questions, I’m not the most qualified to answer all of those things. Some of the terminology changes from manufacturer to even down to the board and even sometimes the bios version. Though I can go through all of those settings and give a basic explanation for you. My own knowledge of them and how they affect your OC is also somewhat limited. Gamers Nexus on youtube has some videos on a lot of this stuff and how it plays in. They would be the go to for a better explanation.

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“` CPU Core Voltage Control
This section provides CPU voltage control options”
Yea the manual isn’t the most helpfull

Only way I know of is to search out each and every term, it’s a royal pain, wish I knew a better option

" 3DMark01 Enhancement: Allows you to determine whether to enhance some legacy benchmark performance. (Default: Disabled)"
My trust in benchmarks just flew out the window

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I use System Mechanic Pro by iolo; and, it had “Ultimate Performance” as my Power setting. I had to change my selection from within the software to balanced. Also, I was using Gigabytes “SIV” monitoring software. Evidently, the polling rate on the software is very slow; and, only shows the “highest” core frequency. Using HWinfo I could see the multiplier on the cores in realtime; and, they are constantly changing.

Thanks for help!!

Hey! Back in the day this was a “HUGE” deal. nVidia in cooporation with FutureMark was actually putting code in their drivers to boost test results! Synthetic benchmarks took it on the chin. And, I haven’t used any “FutureMark” products since. I can’t say the same about nVidia. But, I ran my ATI Radeon 5870 until I had to upgrade; and, I sold it to someone in the Ukraine. #salute!

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