Bios Reset?

Can someone please tell me how to reset the bios password of my laptop - MSI U180. I want to do this to make a dual boot of windows and linux.


If the password hasn't been changed you should be able to find out the default/original with an online search. If it has been changed you may need to reset the cmos but to do that some disassembly may be necessary. 

if you can still boot via disk, use ultimate boot cd, it has a password breaker on it, if you cant, then cmos battery reset is the only way.

hmm interessting, i have a repair laptop with the same issue, unknown bios passord. pulling out battery doesnt seem to work as far as i understood about it.

Has anyone ever tried these password crackers on the ultimate boot cd?

Popping the CMOS battery out for a minute or so works in most cases.  If you can't find/get to it, then there should be a couple solder points that you can jump (after removing the power cord and battery) with a piece of wire or a screwdriver or whatever in order to reset the bios.  They tend to stick out, but can still be hard to find though.

Some mobos store passwords and whatnot on non-volatile memory, requiring you to use a specific password jumper in order to reset things.  I've never seen it on a laptop, but it could be the case for you.

well its a HP pro book. As far as ive read about it, you cant reset the password with simple battery take out.

Probably need to buy a complete new bios chip and re-solder it.

Like I said above, some boards have a specific password reset jumper (separate from the clear CMOS jumper) that clears out the non-volatile flash in which permanent passwords are stored.  I don't know if yours has one (like I said, I've not seen one on a laptop before), but it's worth a look.  Otherwise, I'd maybe give a bios password reset program a try.  Hirens has one for example.

yeah i will definitely gonne try that.

i could part out the whole thing, and double check if there is indeed some kind of a jumper. But Its just what i have readed on the HP support forums.

I will definitely take a closer look to it, wenn i have some spare time left, i cant precission solder my self unfortunatly.