@BIOS Nightmare-SOLVED

I'm trying to update my GA-970A-UD3P gigabyte motherboard BIOS. BUT, problems have arisen, updating from the sever caused the computer to freeze, and the update from file didnt yield any results....help?

Okay lets do this the other way do you have access to another system?

not at the moment

Is the computer still operable? Id be worried to shut it down but if it hasnt retrieved the file you can likely shut it down and restart it

Let me see if your computer has dual bioses before I tell you to restart

REV 2.0 or REV 1.0

it is still operable REV 2.0

cool. Uh restart the system. you have 2 bioses...

Lets download the file manually and do this the harder way.. and flash from inside the UEFI. Its ALWAYS better to do it this way

where do i download the bios to? flash drive?

Okay first off I have to ask how competant are you with computers?


How familiar are you with UEFI?

im decent, i can navigate the UEFI ok

Okay well first off. Lets download the file. Here is a link


IF its gen two download that file

Got it.

Now read all of this and tell me when you are ready.. Use 7 zip to decompress when you are.

Basically what we are doing is using Q-FLASH instead of the bios utility


Ok so use the Q-flash utility thats built into the UEFI and then load optimized defaults

Yes and I would just for safe practice.. save your current settings as a profile.. Then Reset before doing this. and then update.. then reset again. I do this just so I know nothing wrong can happen.

Ok stand by

Good Luck!

the file that i downloaded wasnt recognized by q-flash...

i saved the profile

You have to decompress it... with 7zip

I did and it says bios id check error